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Fit & Well Warriors


Our community is made up of people. The health of a community is dependent upon the quality of life of the individuals that comprise it. TSOHV aims to foster health, wellness and access to care for our military veterans, wounded warriors and families.

Events like the Fit & Well Warrior Weekend offer our organization an opportunity to raise funds and awareness to support the issues surrounding the physical and mental fitness of the population we serve.

TSOHV offers services to all people. Our population is the human population. If help is necessary and within our power to provide…we offer it. This means we must raise resources to continue to work. Offering a fun and relaxing weekend is just one way we meet our mission.

We need your help!

Join us in Miami through registering for the weekend or as a sponsor.


Let’s build Fit & Well Warriors together. Show your support for those who have served and sacrificed their lives and limbs for our security and safety…while enjoying the brilliant flavors created by Celebrity Chef Jerome Brown, playing the championship golf course at the magnificent Miami Shores Country Club and having the opportunity to win fantastic prizes!



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