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Hispanics have an extensive history of service in the U.S. Armed Forces. In 2010, there were 1.2 million Hispanics serving our country. That accounts for over 11% of the active duty military force. These brave men and women face unique challenges as they transition to civilian life.

In addition to honoring the contribution of Hispanic and all veterans and military retirees, The Society works to create new opportunities for veterans and retirees and to address the unique needs they, their spouses and dependents have.


What does The Society of Hispanic Veterans do?

  • Advocacy

  • Supportive Services

  • Information gathering and sharing

  • Coordinating and convening networks

  • Hosting events

  • Building civic participation

Our Priorities:

Health Care -  Improve access to VA health care and specialty care for all veterans, including those in rural areas. With the goal of improving the health of the population, The Society works to:

  1. promote education regarding and access to care for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and other mental illnesses,

  2. increase early detection of breast and gynecological cancers,

  3. promote education regarding reproductive and sexual health,

  4. increase positive and effective management of chronic illnesses, and

  5. close the gaps in health across socioeconomic and ethnic lines,

  6. increase the wellness of the nation’s children and rapidly aging population.

HomelessnessTo provide and support a safety net for vulnerable veterans

  1. increased access to and usage of VA mental health programs and those of community partners and organizations, such as the National Center for PTSD,

  2. providing shelter and case management services to vulnerable populations, and

  3. building supportive networks for returning and transitioning soldiers.

Employment and Training –  Provide

  1. career counseling,

  2. access to and training and education,

  3. job search support, and

  4. job placement.

 Public Safety – We work to

  1. empower communities through culturally relevant information and education regarding public safety concerns,

  2. create sustaining partnerships with local organizations working together to raise awareness and lower incidence of risky behaviors such as

    • driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol,
    • eliminating texting while driving,
    • proper child safety restraint and seat use,
    • domestic violence and sexual assault information, and
    • other public safety issues.

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It is important to note: The Society of Hispanic Veterans does not discriminate or exclude access to services based on race, color, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, genetic information, military status, or disability.

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