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About The Society

The Society of Hispanic Veterans is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit veterans service organization.

The Society of Hispanic Veterans depends upon active membership, volunteerism and participation of the community to conduct grassroots involvement and vigilant advocacy.

We are here to assist veterans, their spouses and dependents, survivors and families. We also aim to support active military and community development.

The Society is dedicated to monitoring, researching, and collaborating regarding issues and events significant to all veterans, with a focus on how those issues affect the Hispanic and Latino communities.

These tenets guide us as we provide a strong and unified voice – from local to federal platforms – that speaks for Hispanic and other veterans seeking assistance, ensuring veterans’ rights are the first priority.

From assisting with claiming veterans’ benefits, the study and pursuit of effective legislation, to collaborating with government and private agencies and organizations…we serve those who serve.

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National Headquarters – Miami, FL ~ Northern Region – New York ~ Eastern Region – North Carolina ~ Western Region – Texas


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